Transformation for Education and Business Professionals

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Creating transformative outcomes — from the classroom to the boardroom — begins with self-transformation. We can only lead others authentically where we are courageous enough to travel ourselves. As a SPIRITWORKS participant, expect to develop your innate capacity for inspiration, empowerment and mastery, thereby becoming more fulfilled in your work…and in your life.


Southern California Summer Institute | Ojai, CA | August 1-2, 2018
New England Summer Institute | Topsham, ME | August 16 – 17, 2018


Teacher Certification Program

Completion of this 60-hour professional development curriculum will prepare participating teachers to lead the three-week SPIRIT SERIES Experience at their schools. Each of the three curricular components, below, is being offered to educators from California to Maine for Continuing Education Units. While all three components are required for Teacher Certification, the SUMMER INSTITUTE and SPIRITYEAR modules — built around the SPIRITWORKS Training Model — are also offered independently for CEUs to any education professional who wishes to strengthen classroom outcomes without undertaking the full SERIES PRACTICUM.

Immersion – Two Days / 15 hours

  • Building the Five Attributes
  • Embracing the Three Challenges
  • Becoming an Effective Peer-to-Peer Coach

Integration – Nine Months / 15 hours

  • Practicing Positive Self-Assessment
  • Conducting Peer-to-Peer Coaching Sessions
  • Participating in SPIRITWORKS Group Calls

Application – Three Weeks / 30 hours

  • Learning through SPIRIT SERIES directed-observation
  • Collaborating as a SPIRITCORPS Team Teacher
  • Completing a unit-specific SERIES Study Guide

SpiritWorks Training Model

Training Model: Attributes

Authenticity: Who

Fearless & Genuine Connection to myself and to those I serve.
“I walk my talk.”

Mission: Why

Dedication to the vital importance of what I have to give.
“I am here to make a difference.”

Passion: How

Openhearted & Powerful Expression in service of my work.
“I am inspired by what we are doing together.”

Commitment: When

Unwavering Intent in the face of all challenges and resistance.
“Nothing will shake my faith in you.”

Excellence: What

Insistence on the highest standards for myself and others.
“I will give only my best and expect the same from you.”


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