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Seeking Socrates



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Four Pillars of Greek Philosophy: Conscience

The father of Greek Philosophy — Socrates — was also called the Conscience of Athens. For him, listening to his inner voice and following the path of Virtue was more important than anything…even his life. We hope his story can remind us to listen when that voice inside calls us to do the difficult thing. We invite you to join us at SpiritCorps and share a moment from your life when YOU followed your conscience…or wished you had. Together We Grow!


  • “It changed my life — Spirit Series!”
    Dominika Peikos7th Grade
  • It's time we tend to the spirit of our children!
    Sonia MillerPrincipal, Samuel Gompers Middle School
  • This program should be in every school across America!
    William Donovan6th Grade Parent
  • “Their stories made me cry! These kids said amazing things and just blew me away.”
    — Marne TrevesLAUSD Teacher, Los Angeles CA
  • In nearly 30 years of teaching, I have never experienced any program with such long-reaching effects as Spirit Series.
    Robin Winston4th Grade Teacher
  • Spirit Series is one of the most amazing curricula I have seen in my four decades of public education.
    Janet ChapmanPrincipal, Rosewood Elementary School