Galileo’s Crime


Galileo’s Crime






The Quest for Knowledge & the Holy Inquisition

“GALILEO’S CRIME” tells the tale of the “father of science,” and the heavy price he must pay when his revolutionary views clash with those held by the most powerful institution of his time: the Roman Catholic Church. Caught between his faith and his reason, Galileo must defy the Church he cherishes in order to make known what he has seen with his own eyes: “It moves”—the earth revolves around the sun. Although 400 years old, and set amid the Holy Inquisition, this story of Right vs. Might is still vitally important today.




Galileo's Crime


Galileo's Crime


Galileo's Crime


Galileo Galilei We cannot teach people anything;
we can only help them
discover it within themselves.
— Galileo Galilei
Albert Einstein Only a life lived for others
is a life worthwhile.
— Albert Einstein
Galileo Galilei The authority of a thousand
is not worth the humble reasoning
of a single individual.
— Galileo Galilei
Issac Newton We build too many walls
and not enough bridges.
— Issac Newton
Galileo Galilei It moves!
— Galileo Galilei





  • It was an honor doing Spirit Series — I will remember it for the rest of my life!
    Maria Aguilar8th Grade
  • This program should be in every school across America!
    William Donovan6th Grade Parent
  • It's time we tend to the spirit of our children!
    Sonia MillerPrincipal, Samuel Gompers Middle School
  • “Their stories made me cry! These kids said amazing things and just blew me away.”
    — Marne TrevesLAUSD Teacher, Los Angeles CA
  • Spirit Series is one of the most amazing curricula I have seen in my four decades of public education.
    Janet ChapmanPrincipal, Rosewood Elementary School
  • In nearly 30 years of teaching, I have never experienced any program with such long-reaching effects as Spirit Series.
    Robin Winston4th Grade Teacher