Freedom Train: For Families

Harriet Tubman & the Struggle Against Slavery




Dear Parents and Families,

Imagine: hiding in a safe house on the Underground Railroad, with Harriet Tubman at your side, as she risks life and limb to free her People from the yoke of slavery. Thanks to support from your school as well as generous assistance from foundations, corporate sponsors and many private donors, your student has embarked, or will soon, on an amazing three-week learning adventure. For an hour each day, she/he will immerse themselves in a world far beyond the classroom—studying, co-writing, staging and performing an inspirational one-act SPIRIT SERIES play:

Freedom Train

Founded by a concerned parent in 2001, our non-profit organization seeks to celebrate the human spirit and build bridges to our common humanity. The SPIRIT SERIES experience has been acclaimed by Harvard Graduate School of Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and has now been successfully completed by over 45,000 students from Maine to California. Designed to engage and challenge your student, this unique educational curriculum promotes literacy, higher-order thinking, positive core values, presentation skills, teamwork, character and self-esteem.

And you can join in! Follow the action on your school’s special webpage:

The success of this curriculum depends on your engagement and support. In the next three weeks, your student may bring home written assignments, journals, and a craft project. If so, please assist them in completing these important tasks. You may also wish to read the play, available on this website, and discuss together the key message of Harriet Tubman’s life. This drama-based transformative experience promises to be of lasting significance to your student.

Thank you for your active participation.

We hope to see you at the show!



  • “Exquisite…  Vitally important…  Extremely engaging and effective.”
    Harvard Graduate School of Education2011
  • It was an honor doing Spirit Series — I will remember it for the rest of my life!
    Maria Aguilar8th Grade
  • Spirit Series is one of the most amazing curricula I have seen in my four decades of public education.
    Janet ChapmanPrincipal, Rosewood Elementary School
  • “Their stories made me cry! These kids said amazing things and just blew me away.”
    — Marne TrevesLAUSD Teacher, Los Angeles CA
  • It's time we tend to the spirit of our children!
    Sonia MillerPrincipal, Samuel Gompers Middle School
  • “It changed my life — Spirit Series!”
    Dominika Peikos7th Grade

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