Ballad of Sitting Bull


Ballad of Sitting Bull

“The Way of the Spirit” painting by Lyle Miller, Sr.



Lakota Wisdom & Westward Expansion


“BALLAD OF SITTING BULL” tells the story of the Lakota people–a strong, proud Native American nation–and the great Chief who would lead them in a fierce fight to save their beloved way of life. Set on the Great Plains in the second half of the 19th Century, amid Manifest Destiny and the flood of settlers West, this story celebrates the Old Ways and the Four Lakota Virtues—courage, fortitude, generosity, and wisdom—as exemplified so vividly by the “bravest of the brave,” “Chief of all Chiefs,” legendary Sitting Bull.


Painting credit: “The Way of the Spirit” by Lyle Miller, Sr.






choralmaster We live in the Old Ways, connected and bound
Led by the buffalo, led by the sun…
— ChoralMaster
Sitting Bull It Does Not Take Many Words
to Tell the Truth.
— Chief Sitting Bull
Crazy Horse A very great vision is needed,
and the one who has it must follow it
as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.
— Crazy Horse
Black Elk Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.
— Black Elk
Sitting Bull 2 Let us put our minds together and see
what life we can make for our children.
— Chief Sitting Bull





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