SpiritWorks: CEUs

SPIRIT SERIES, at the request of partner schools, is currently developing course offerings as Continuing Education Units for credentialed classroom teachers. These professional development courses will apply the SPIRITCORPS training model, below, to challenges that K-12 educators face engaging students in Common Core curricula. SERIES CEU offerings should be available by the Summer of 2018.

SpiritWorks Training Model

spiritworks training model 2017

Training Model Attributes

Passion: How

Openhearted & Powerful Expression in service of my work.
“I am inspired by what we are doing together.”

Authenticity: Who

Fearless & Genuine Connection to myself and to those I serve.
“I walk my talk.”

Excellence: What

Insistence on the highest standards for myself and others.
“I will give only my best and expect the same from you.”

Mission: Why

Dedication to the vital importance of what I have to give.
“I am here to make a difference.”

Commitment: When

Unwavering Intent in the face of all challenges and resistance.
“Nothing will shake my faith in you.”