Transformative Practices for Education Professionals

Creating transformative outcomes — from the classroom to the boardroom — begins with self-transformation. We can only lead others authentically where we are courageous enough to travel ourselves. As a SPIRITWORKS participant, we can expect to develop our innate capacity for inspiration, empowerment and mastery, thereby becoming more fulfilled in our work…and in our life.



Immersion – Two Days / 15 hours

  • Building the Five Attributes
  • Exploring three Transformative Methods
  • Becoming an Effective Peer-to-Peer Coach

Integration – Nine Months / 15 hours

  • Practicing Positive Self-Assessment
  • Conducting Peer-to-Peer Coaching Sessions
  • Participating in SPIRITWORKS Group Calls
Sprit Works Training Model 2018

Leadership Model: Attributes

Authenticity: Who

Fearless & Genuine Connection to myself and to those I serve.
“I walk my talk.”

Mission: Why

Dedication to the vital importance of what I have to give.
“I am here to make a difference.”

Passion: How

Openhearted & Powerful Expression in service of my work.
“I am inspired by what we are doing together.”

Commitment: When

Unwavering Intent in the face of all challenges and resistance.
“Nothing will shake my faith in you.”

Excellence: What

Insistence on the highest standards for myself and others.
“I will give only my best and expect the same from you.”