Common Core Standards

SPIRIT SERIES is multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory, and standards-based.

The program’s success stems in large part from its ability to meet the curricular needs of participating classroom teachers with a fresh, highly rigorous and engaging approach. On average, each unit in the SERIES addresses approximately 70% of ELA Common Core Standards in the grade level(s) it serves, plus multiple state standards in History and Performing Arts.


“SPIRIT SERIES breathes fresh air into the classroom, seamlessly integrating language arts, social studies, and performing arts into a program that captures students, engages their energies, and takes them on a journey they will not soon forget.”

— Morgan Hatch, 6th Grade Teacher, Vista Middle School

Whenever possible, SERIES plays have been designed to address the history and cultural heritage of the populations we serve. Each celebrates a specific culture or wisdom tradition while teaching participants of every race and ethnicity to value, even treasure, the heritage of others.

Application of Standards analysis can be reviewed for each play in the SERIES. In most cases, State Standards are available for California and Massachusetts as these are the two locations where the program currently delivers the majority of its services.




Buddha Walks

Freedom Train

Seeking Socrates

The Conquistador's Wife

Ballad of Sitting Bull

Galileo's Crime

  • In nearly 30 years of teaching, I have never experienced any program with such long-reaching effects as Spirit Series.
    Robin Winston4th Grade Teacher
  • Spirit Series is one of the most amazing curricula I have seen in my four decades of public education.
    Janet ChapmanPrincipal, Rosewood Elementary School
  • It was an honor doing Spirit Series — I will remember it for the rest of my life!
    Maria Aguilar8th Grade
  • “Their stories made me cry! These kids said amazing things and just blew me away.”
    — Marne TrevesLAUSD Teacher, Los Angeles CA
  • “As educators, we are fueled by those small but powerful moments when a student steps out of their comfort zone and stretches their thinking. Thank you Spirit Series!”
    — Michele KenistonPrincipal, Berwick ME
  • It's time we tend to the spirit of our children!
    Sonia MillerPrincipal, Samuel Gompers Middle School
  • “It changed my life — Spirit Series!”
    Dominika Peikos7th Grade